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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Sub-Zero (2nd)
Clan/Race: None

Sub-Zero (2nd)

Former Clan: Lin Kuei
Status: Alive
Origin: United States of America
Known Relatives:
Father, deceased
Brother, deceased (1st Sub-Zero)
He also had a sister and mother
Many years ago, Sub-Zero's brother was manipulated by tyhe sorceror Quan Chi to retreive for him an amulet from it's hiding place in Earthrealm. The sorceror later framed Sub-Zero's brother for the death of Scorpion's family and clan, which led to his demise at the hands of the enraged ninja spectre, Scorpion.

After his brother was killed in the first tournament, a new Sub-Zero emerged, craving for revenge. Because he double-crossed his own clan, Sub-Zero always has to be aware of his former fellow assasins. He also learns about the vendetta between Scorpion and his older brother. When Sub-Zero and Scorpion eventually meet, Scorpions powers are too big for Sub-Zero, when Scorpion has the chance to kill his sworn enemy he suddenly has the feeling that that this Sub-Zero could not be the the man who killed his family and clan, and he spares his life. Sub-Zero would never know why he did this.

The Ultimate advancement in Lin Kuei Technology comes with the creation of the first cyber-assassin They begin converting their human ninja's into "soulless" machines but Sub-Zero refuses to take part and leaves the clan But with doing this he breaks the sacred rules of the clan and now he is marked for death by his own Lin Kuei clan. Marked for death by the Lin Kuei clan Sub-Zero returns unmasked
during Shao Kahn's invasion. But unlike the ninja of old his pursuers come as machines. He must not only defend against the outworld menace but must also elude his soulless assassins In vicious battle Sub-Zero faces Cyrax and Sektor but not alone. He finds his third Lin Kuei assassin the elusive smoke. Before automation Smoke and Sub-Zero were Allies. Sub-Zero helps Smoke recall his past and gains him as an ally. The future of the Lin Kuei hung in the balance as Sub-Zero and the ninja cyborg Sektor battled for control of the Dragon Medallion. Sub-Zero defeated Sektor and then claimed the title of Grand Master, only later to hear about the defeat of Shao Kahn. With his freezing powers enhanced by the medallion, he vowed to reform the Lin Kuei as a force for good. Sub-Zero relocated the clan to a remote location in the frozen Artic where he discovered an ancient temple frozen into the side of a glacier. There, the new Lin Kuei could hone their skills without interruption.

A new threat brought on by Quan Chi the ice warrior once again returns in Shinnok's war wearing the familiar costume once worn by his father and brother. He also holds secrets passed onto him from his sibling secrets that could hold the key to stopping Shinnok. When Sub Zero faces his enemy Scorpion, Sub-Zero's powers were, again, not big enough to win. Lying on the ground defeated by Scorpion he tells him that the Lin Kuei was not responsible for the death of his family and clan. This is when Quan Chi came and tells them he was the real murderer of Scorpions family and clan and that both ninja's were used as pawns for Shinnok. But as Quan Chi readys to send Scorpion to the netherealm, Scorpion runs to the sorceror and takes him with him to the netherealm. Finally the quest of the death ninja is over and so the chase after Sub-Zero.

In the years to come, Sub-Zero changed the clan into a good organisation. Raiden appeared before Sub-Zero and asked for his aid in defeating the Deadly Alliance formed by Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in Outworld. Fighting alongside Raiden would prove to the world that the Lin Kuei had changed for the better, Sub-Zero accepted the challenge and brought with him one of his newest recruits. It was highly unusual for the Grand Master to embark on such a dangerous mission, but Sub-Zero felt it was necessary to earn the respect of his fellow Lin Kuei.

With his best apprentice, Frost, Sub-Zero traveled to Outworld with the chosen warriors. Battles were fierce but the Lin Kuei ninja's won every single one of them. Eventually Shang Tsung was killed by Kung Lao, and Quan Chi defeated by Kitana. As they traveled back to the portal that would return them to Earthrealm, Sub-Zero revealed to Frost that she had been an
integral part in the destruction of the Deadly Alliance, and that he was proud to have her as a member of the Lin Kuei clan. But unknown to Sub-Zero, Frost's true intention for joining the Lin Kuei was to become Grand Master herself. She used her ice blast to temporarily immobilize him and ripped the Dragon Medallion from his chest. As she held the medallion, she felt power surge through her body. Lacking the strength and discipline required to control the medallion's immense power, she was consumed by her own freezing ability.
Fighting Style:
Shotokan: A style of Karate, Shotokan has its roots in Okinawa. Master Funakoshi Gichin founded Shotokan karate in 1936 in Tokyo. It is more linear and can be a very aggressive and devastating style.

Dragon: A number of kung-fu "styles" make use of the term "Dragon Form" or "Dragon Style." The Dragon form is one of the "Shaolin ten-animal form" of Kwan Tak Hing. It's also one of the "five-patterns" of Xing Yi. The Dragon form can be found in many other Chinese systems of combat.

Kori Blade: Using a technique perfected by Grand Masters of the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero forms his Kori Blade by flash freezing surrounding water vapor. The sword is forged of solid unbreakable ice. A masterful weapon, it's hevay and extremely sharp. It can be used to either bludgeon an opponent into submission or cut them into ribbons.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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