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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Kenshi
Clan/Race: The U.S Special Forces


Former Clan: None
Status: Alive
Origin: Earth
Known Relatives:
Kenshi is a descendant of a long forgotten line of warrior kings.
Years ago, the rogue swordsman Kenshi wandered Japan to challenge the greatest warriors. His purpose in life was simply to be the best. Shang Tsung, however, had discovered Kenshi's true heritage as a descendant of a long forgotten line of warrior kings. The sorceror desired to consume the souls of those warriors kings.

For many years Kenshi roamed the East, challenging the master swordsmen of that region to sword duels. He desired to become the greatest swordsman in the world and slew many great warriors to prove his supriority. After defeating a master swordsman in Japan, Kenshi was confronted by an old Chinese man named Song who explained that, for a price, he could lean Kenshi to an ancient sword of historical importance. Although he was annoyed by the old man's persistence, Kenshi finally agreed to meet him at a remote location in China where the sword was located. He convinced himself that he should have a sword that reflected his greatness. Kenshi traveled to China to meet with Song, the old Chinese man guided him through an underground labyrinth, which led to a burial chambre. Song instructed Kenshi to lift the heavy stone lid from an altar-like structure. Song explained that Kenshi would find the sword hidden inside. Upon opening the altar, the last thing Kenshi saw was a bright green blast. He stumbled back, blinded. The old Chinese man, Song, was in fact the sorceror Shang Tsung who devoured the souls of the warrior kings that Kenshi had released. Shang Tsung left Kenshi to die in the labyrinth, but the sword he found inside the altar led him out by some other-worldly power.

More then a decade after betraying his warrior king ancestors, the Deadly Alliance between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung was formed, Kenshi was sensing the cries of his captured ancestors, he then made a vow to slay Shang Tsung in order to free them from his grasp. When he learned of Shang Tsung's escape to Outworld, Kenshi agreed to help the Special Forces search for the missing agent Cyrax as a means of gaining access to that realm, which allowed him to act as both rescue party and spy. Shortly after discovring the sorcerer's whereabouts, the Agency was destroyed and with it his only means for a return to Earth. Kenshi now finds himself facing the Deadly Alliance on his own. He was trapped in Outworld. Kenshi sympathized with the plight of the enigmatic kombatant, Ermac. The Outworld warrior spirits that manifested themselves in the form of a ninja had been violated by Shao Kahn in much the same way that Kenshi's ancestors had been enslaved by Shang Tsung. Kenshi was taught the Telekinetic Slam by Ermac in return for freeing him from the control of the Emperor.

When Shang Tsung was defeated by Kung Lao, a blast of souls was instantly released. The spirits of the warrior kings reentered the sword as Kenshi held it above his head. He could now return to Earthrealm.

Upon traveling back to earthrealm Kenshi was attacked by Mavado, who was still carrying out Shang Tsung's orders. The tired Kenshi was no match for Mavado and was left for death, only to be found later by Sonya Blade who returned the wounded agent to earthrealm.
Fighting Style:
Tai Chi: The literal translation of Tai Chi Chuan is "supreme ultimate fist." Chang San-Feng is credited with developing the 13
postures that form the basis of all modern Tai Chi. From his developments sprung the various derivatives of the Chinese art of
Tai Chi which are seen today.

San Shou: San Shou translates as the "unbound hand." Often fought on a raised platform, this Chinese martial art is a true free fighting style. Developed bu thje Chinese military, it was created from the study of various Chinese traditional martial arts and incorporated modern methodologies in training and health. In recent years, this martial art has become a style in and of itself and has evolved into one of the most deadly styles known.

Katana: The Katana is the traditional Japanese long sword used by the samurai. Many styles of swordsmanship utilized these swords. Modern martial art forms that use the Katana are broadly referred to as kenjutsu, kendo, and iaido.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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