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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Hsu Hao
Clan/Race: Red Dragon

Hsu Hao

Former Clan: None
Status: Deceased
Origin: Unknown
Known Relatives:
The Red Dragon operative Hsu Hao's strength is his ability to concentrate on one objective at a time. He is not easily distracted and lives to serve the will of his clan. This characteristic may be a side effect of his cybernetic heart. Without ambition, there can be no distraction. All that remains is duty.

Hsu Hao was given an assignment by Mavado. He was to infiltrate the Special Forces by posing as a former member of the secret Chinese military group. From the inside, the Red Dragon clan could keep track of the Special Forces as well as covertly feed them information about their rival clan, the Black Dragon. The Special Forces would be unwillingly destroying the Black Dragon for Mavado's clan.Hsu Hao's track record gained notoriety within the Special Forces. He seemed to have a 6th sense about the Black Dragon and brought down many of their members. This ability was exploited to it's fullest potential by Jax and Sonya, whose special task it was to deal with that criminal organization. They regularly included Hsu Hao in their operations. Although the Black Dragon was seemingly destroyed, Mavado felt that it would serve the Red Dragon best if Hsu Hao remained under cover until further notice. He was eventually asked by the Special Forces to remain with Jax and Sonya's group to start up the Outworld Investigation Agency. Kenshi also joined the Agency around this time.

After the Deadly Alliance was formed between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, that notice came when his superior Mavado, ordered him to destroy the Outerworld Investigation Agency's ability to travel to the Outworld. Hsu Hao would not dishonor his Red Dragon clan; he would complete his task at any cost.

Hsu Hao later reported to his superior, Mavado, and informed him of his success in destroying the Special Forces Outerworld
Investigation Agency. Mavado then informed Hsu Hao of his next objective... It seemed that Quan Chi was proving to be a
powerful ally and was willing to aid the Red Dragon in its quest for domination of Earth. In a show of good faith, Mavado agreed
to destroy Quan Chi's enemies. The sorcerer suspected betrayal from Shang Tsung. There was evidence that Shang Tsung had allied with the two Oni known as Moloch and Drahmin. Hsu Hao's new orders were to eliminate the sorcerer Shang Tsung before the Oni eliminated Quan Chi.

But Jax Swore that he would show no mercy to the one responsible for the destruction. Jax eventually caught up with Hsu Hao and ripped the implant from his chest in retribution. Hsu Hao died a most painful death.
Fighting Style:
Shuai Chiao: Shuai Chiao is the oldest martial art in China. It has a history of over 2,000 years - although some claim that it
dates back much farther.

Wrestling: Perhaps the oldest martial art in the existence of western culture, it was initially developed by the Romans and
Greeks as a method to display one's strength and fighting prowess. Eventually, it turned into its own form of self-defense
and branched into multiple styles. Fighters grapple and try to attain a position of advantage over one another. They learn to
control their center of gravity, how to take their opponent to the ground, react to an opponent's actions, and take advantage of
their mistakes. Greco-Roman and Freestyle are two of these that are still used in the best known world-wide competition, the Olympics.

Sun Moon: An exotic weapon of the Chinese martial arts, the Sun Moon Spears originated in Mongolia. As a pair, these bladed weapons can be extremely efficient when used in combat. When one hand blocks an incoming attack, it can catch the weapon and keep it from attacking, or be used to disarm the opponent totally. However, the true beauty comes into play when one notices that the other hand is left free to attack. This is when the versatility of the Sun Moon Spears really shines. With the ability to thrust, stab, slash, or rake an opponent, the Sun Moon Spears' deadly qualities are easy to see.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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